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Three Benefits Of A Five-Day Preschool Program

As a parent, decisions about early childhood education makes a huge impact on your child's future. There are many options you have for this, such as homeschooling, daycare, part-time preschool or full-time preschool. While full-time Montessori preschool may seem like it could be too much for your child, there are actually many benefits to it, such as:

Developing a Consistent Routine:

Perhaps the biggest benefit that prepares them for their years ahead in school is having a consistent routine. Getting used to going to school five days a week as opposed to two or three is going to make a huge difference. Many times, children who are going five times a week have more focus in the classroom because they are used to the routine and setting. For this reason, these children have more success in school in general. 

Adjusting Well to School: 

Kids who are attending five days a week also have an easier time adjusting back to a school routine after a short break during the weekend and summer. This is going to make it much easier when getting your child ready for their first day of kindergarten. However, even the first day back to school after summer or winter break is challenging for all kids, but this is something that those going part-time experience more often when returning from their three or four day break from school rather than just the short weekend. 

Fitting In:

It's much easier for kids to connect with other kids when they are there five days a week. This is made harder when the child is only attending part-time and may not find value in connecting with the other children they don't see that often. This can sometimes be isolating in a school environment that can significantly impact their ability to do well in school. Besides, the children who are these full time together will have an easier time getting to know one another and will gravitate towards one another, as well, which makes it even more isolating for the kids only attending part time. 

When you know these three benefits of a five-day preschool program, you can see why it's not only beneficial know, but in the long-term, as well. You can expect your child to get the most out of their preschool experience, which is going to help them transition into kindergarten. This is why you are paying for them to go, after all, so it's definitely worth it to have your child enrolled in a five-day program.