Is Your Child Ready For Preschool?

If you're the parent of a toddler, you may find yourself constantly in awe at the speed with which he or she picks up new skills, words, and understanding. And for those whose current daycare arrangements don't provide much in the way of structured education, you may be wondering whether this is the right time to send your child to preschool a few days per week. While preschool programs can provide innumerable benefits to most children, not all may be ready for this additional structure at the same time as their peers, and it's important to determine whether preschool is a good fit for your child's current situation before seeking enrollment. [Read More]

Flight Lesson Preparation Tips

If your dream is to become a pilot, whether for commercial jets or simply to fly smaller aircraft, aviation training, along with plenty of flight time, is a necessary component of the training. In-the-air training comes at a premium, though, so it's vital that you have a plan in place so you can get the most out of each session. The following tips can help ensure that this happens. Tip #1: Get a syllabus or lesson outline [Read More]